Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award

The Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award is given annually in memory of the late Wayne J. Wunder, security pioneer and founder of Continental Secret Service in Toledo, Ohio.

The award recognizes exceptional contributions to NCISS by members who characteristically are not in the forefront in terms of recognition.

 The Award reads:“For Dedication, Leadership and Distinguished Service To The Private Investigation And Security Professions”


2019 Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award Recipient


James Huckabee, presented by Andrea Orozco

The 2019 Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Award was presented to James Huckabee of Chicago, Illinois. James is a Past President and active Board member. During his tenure a Vice President and President (four years), he assisted in the development and implementation of the State Legislative Awareness Monitoring Program (SLAM), overseeing a restructuring of the three Vice Presidents leadership roles, re-start of The eAdvocate e-newsletter and Your Advocate magazine, and the new Vendor & Sponsor Program. Each of these have been vital to the mission and growth of NCISS.

Past Recipents of the Wayne J. Wunder Memorial Alward:

(2019) James Huckabee, Chicago, Illinois
(2018) Andrea Orozco, Castle Rock, Colorado
(2017) Brad Duffy Per Mar Security Services, Des Moines, Iowa
(2016) Dean A. Beers, Greeley, Colorado
(2014) Terry Myer, Sr. of Columbus, Ohio
(2013) Jimmie Mesis of Freehold, New Jersey
(2012) Gary Kuty, Columbus, Ohio
(2011) Thomas S. Bucklin, Wheeling, Illinois
(2010) John G. Talaganis, Long Beach, California
(2009) Eugene Ferraro, Littleton, Colorado
(2008) Maria Vinson Landry, Lacombe, Louisiana
(2007) Almeda E. Dunn, Chicago, Illinois
(2006) Francie Koehler, Oakland, California
(2005) Bill Asher, Dallas, Texas
(2004) Syd Huckvale, Nanuet, New York
(2003) Don C. Johnson, Bloomington, Indiana
(2002) Lloyd Davis, Waldorf, Maryland
(2001) Roy Bucklin, Glenview, Illinois
(2000) Mike Duffy, Davenport, Iowa
(1999) John Slagowski, Wilmington, Delaware
(1998) Bruce Hulme, New York, New York
(1997) Richard Moling, Columbus, Ohio
(1996) Mike Myers, New Orleans, Louisiana
(1995) Bob Heales, Engelwood, Colorado
(1994) J.D. Vinson, Sr., New Orleans, Louisiana 
(1993) Vince Ruffolo, Blue Island, Illinois  
(1992) Eddy McClain, Fallbrook, California
(1991) Bert Hinds, Cincinnati, Ohio 
(1990) John Eppick, Glendale, California
(1989) Charles Dennis, Severna Park, Maryland
(1988) Frank Watts, Fenton Michigan