NCISS Membership Benefits

NCISS Has Many Benefits for its Members!

  • The most important function of NCISS is to monitor and direct federal legislation. But we also play an important role in acting as a conduit for state legislative information. Be sure and check the current and past issues Legislative Alerts. Through joint efforts and other national and state associations of relatedness industries, our advocates keep a finger on bills which affect or professions. Often, a law passed in a trend setting state will be adopted almost verbatim by other states wishing to follows it. If an unfavorable law is enacted in one state, NCISS alerts other state associations who can take action to keep the problem from spreading. A number of important position papers have already been authored on key issues such as privacy, police moonlighting, reciprocity and use of private contractors over hiring more government employees. NCISS officers are frequently called upon to testify at congressional hearings giving our industry's viewpoint. Hit The Hill - NCISS members from across the country join together in Washington to meet with their senators, representatives and staff so they can be informed about our concerns and viewpoints. Congress appreciates our input in assisting them with promulgating sound legislation.

  • National Directory - An important tool for the location of screened correspondent agencies to accept reciprocal assignments.
  • List Serve's - The primary purpose of NCISS List Serve's is to allow the NCISS Administration and the elected leaders of NCISS to communicate to NCISS members and keep NCISS members abreast of legal and legislative happenings that affect them. A secondary purpose is for the exchange of referral work and information helpful to working assignments.
  • Business & Training Bulletins - Written by members of NCISS who are experienced and expert in their field, these bulletins accommodate the sharing of ideas and standards.
  • Annual Meetings - Our is held each year in Washington,DC or close by, Annual mid-term meetings are held in different states around the country.
  • Your Advocate - Highlighting the latest developments and legal decisions,  Your Advocate assists members in staying abreast of trends and the newest techniques.

  • eAdvocate - In an effort to make sure our members are current on news of their professions, bi-monthly an electronic bulletin, The eReport, is sent via email. If you have news or an idea for an article contact the editor, Dean A. Beers, at [email protected] Be sure and check the  current and archives at
  • Awards & Certificates - In addition to a handsome membership plaque, NCISS bestows various achievement awards and certificates documenting training classes and seminars completed.
  • The Duffy Award … this prestigious award is presented annually for exemplary achievement and leadership in the memory of Founding President John J. Duffy.
  • The Wayne Wunder Memorial Award… given annually in memory of the late Wayne J. Wunder, security pioneer and founder of Continental Secret Service in Toledo, Ohio. The award recognizes exceptional contributions by members of NCISS who characteristically are not in the forefront in terms of recognition.