Listserv Resources

The NCISS listserv is available to all members to post requests for help and information. Member news should be sent to your Regional Director to share. Posts can be made by sending an email to [email protected]NCISS Members is for members of the National Council of Investigation and Security Services to discuss legislative and other business related matters, request assistance and network with other members.

Please change your address book to reflect the new address of the NCISS Members group to [email protected].

If you have any questions about the list or your subscription, please contact the list managers. You can email them at the following email addresses:
• Karen Beers, Executive Director – [email protected] and Ed McClain – [email protected]
• Messages sent to [email protected] will be sent to all other subscribers.  Replies are to the individual sender.  If your response is appropriate for the NCISSmembership, please change the ‘Reply’ to [email protected].

All members are automatically added to the listserv.  If you unsubscribe, you will need to contact Karen to re-subscribe you to the listserv.  The listserv is the primary source of communicating from board to membership for important legislative and regulatory alerts, and for members to communicate with the membership for assistance and network.